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Trained and experienced professionals working together to benefit the community…

To function efficiently, the Philippine Nurses Association of Arizona, Inc. has a set of committees responsible for various tasks. Each committee consists of highly trained and hardworking professionals committed to fulfilling their tasks to the best of their abilities.

Our committees are as follows:

  • Community Outreach
    Responsible for community service activities
  • Bylaws Committee
    Formulation, development, and review of by-laws
    Submission of changes and amendments to the Executive Council and Board of Directors
  • Election Committee
    Responsible for nomination and election proceedings, tallying of ballots, and re-polling of results
  • Awards Committee
    Determination and publication of the qualifications and criteria for awards
    Review of applications and the selection of awardees for submission to the Executive Council
  • Ways and Means
    Identification of resources and logistics to augment the treasury
    Provides ways and means for bringing issues of concern to the attention of the Executive Council and the PNAAZ members
    Coordination with the Professional Action Committee in planning and soliciting advertising campaign for the newsletter
  • Education Committee
    Development and implementation of educational programs to meet the identified needs of the members
  • Membership Committee
    Responsible for the recruitment/retention of members
  • Program and Cultural Affairs
    Collaboration with other organizations and agencies in addressing and supporting community health issues that affect the nursing profession and health care in the State of Arizona
  • Mentoring Committee
    Responsible for guiding healthcare professionals and new members
  • Human Rights Committee
    Evaluation of issues relating to human rights
    Recommendation of policies and positions on human rights to the Executive Board at the annual meeting
  • Research Committee
    Planning and implementation of research programs for general membership
  • Scholarship Committee
    Development of criteria for the selection of annual scholarship grant to a nurse pursuing advancement in a nursing career
    Review of scholarship applications of the candidates and the selection of candidates for recommendation to the Executive Council
  • Publication and Newsletter
    Publication of organizational newsletters
  • Website and Online Communications
    Content development, electronic communication, and social media